Where to Shoot a Deer with a Bow

Where to Shoot a Deer with a Bow - Top 5 Advanced Method to Follow

If you cannot kill the deer, do not shoot! The principle is essential that should guide all hunters.  Many people disagree on the best way to place a shot to kill wild animals fast and humanely. Hunters have different judgments, and this results in varying shots. However, everyone should target at making clean kill using the least energy possible. 

Killing deer is easy once the right skills are mastered. Some spots are trickier, while others are straightforward. You do not want to cause a painful death without going home with a catch. Here we show you how to make ensure bow shot end up with deer in your plate.

Dear Bow Shot Placements

Where to Shoot a Deer with a Bow

1. Broadside Shot

The shot is the most widely accepted shot since it results in a clean and instant kill. Broadside shot is taken when the hunter is perpendicular to the side of the deer. The side of deer presents a large target while exposing the vitals resulting in a deadly shot.

Visually divide the body and aim behind the shoulder. If the bow lands above or right at the point created by the shoulder, the deer will die instantly. Both the heart and the lungs will be damaged severely, which also leads to massive blood loss. The meat tastes nice as a result of minimal damage.

Accurate shots lead to an arrow going through the shoulder side and exit through the same spot on the opposite side. There is a minimal error, and this is the reason the broadside shot is ethical. If you miss and hit forward, the spot, both shoulders, which will render the deer immobile, missing high will break its back, killing it. If you miss low, then you will injure soft tissue, which still the deer can survive after a while.

2. Headshot

If you get the right shot on the head the deer will die instantly. It would be best if you were very accurate since a miss will result in inhumane death. The deer jaws might be the victim, and it will take time before it dies. No meat loss whatsoever on the headshot. You will also not go round looking for it since the deer dies on the spot. 

Take headshot only if you are an excellent shooter. The shot should be taken if the deer holds its head for a long time. Archery hunters do not recommend the headshot since it requires much precision, and a miss to the jaw is unethical. The skull is round in natures might deflect the arrow if it does not point to it at a perpendicular angle.

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3. Neck Shot

Shooting at the neck is very risky since there is an increased chance of missing it. Some hunters do not try this shot at all, but others see it as the best choice. The target is to damage the spine, which will kill it instantly. If you miss and hit the solid muscles, then the deer will be unconscious for a while, allowing you to go and retrieve it.

Missing the neck spine and the muscles can mean hitting the edge of the windpipe, which is inhumane in any way. Deer will not be able to look up, and the head will keep hanging low. What is worse is that the deer take time before dying since no vital organ is hit. Some feel the success rate is too small to try. You need to mater hitting small targets before trying neck shot.

4. Quartering Shot

The shot is another excellent target as you will be able to hit the vital, thus killing the deer. Slight to moderate quartering-away angle is the best as it presents a broad goal that is difficult to miss. Avoid realizing the bow if the deer present a sharp angle as you are likely to hit one lung that allows it to disappear without a recovery chance.

If, in any case, you do not kill the deer, it will be immobilized, making it possible to recover. However, you might have to bear with meat loss off the shoulder. If the arrow does not exit through the other side, the deer might escape hurt.

Avoid the shot if the deer is quartering to you as the nearside front shoulder will block the vitals. However, if it presents an extremely slight angle, then you can still manage a decent shot. Practice patience to get a unique perspective that puts down the deer.

5. Frontal Shot

Facing presentation is very tricky though many bowhunters are tempted to try. The frontal shot is taken when deer is facing the hunter, thus providing a path to the heart. Broadside shots can sometimes injure one lung only that results in the slow death of deer, which can be inhumane.

The good thing about the frontal shot is that missing the heart with the high target will still injure the neck, which is still vital. Miss to the left or right has a high chance of damaging the lungs or breaking the shoulder, which increases the probability of retrieval. A low shot can land on the chest cavity, which kills the deer unless you hit the brisket only.

Many are hesitant to try but take it as a challenge in their hunting expedition. For success, take a bow with an arrow that can be fired with enough kinetic energy to go through some bones accurately.

Final Thoughts on Where to Shoot a Deer with a Bow

You cannot master all the hunting skills overnight. It takes time with a lot of patience to go out and put the meat on the table without a miss. Not hitting the target is better than causing long time injuries and slow death without retrieval. Ethics are guiding the hunting of wild animals. If you have interests, then do it most humanely. Please do not go to practice with the animals before doing it off the forest. Once you gain some confidence, go out and try the shots above. Any successful hit is human and leads to a high retrieval rate. Do not be left behind! Take your bow and hunt successfully like a pro!

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