Squirrel Hunting Guide For the Beginners.

Squirrel Hunting: Step By Step Guide For the Beginners

There is no other best way to teach youngsters about hunting and outdoor activity other than squirrel hunting. With much fun, one is able to learn more in an engaging manner and relieve day-to-day challenges. Just imagine looking at the tops of the tree while listening to the whirlwinds and trying to spot the bushy tail. It refreshes and is an excellent start to learning hunting at an early age. Full of fun and action, you will spend time walking stalking and listening to the squirrel sound with the aim of spotting one. Once you locate it, you got to pull the trigger and aim at it without missing as it can disappear with a blink of an eye. Despite the fun, there are steps that are necessary to make squirrel hunting successful. But, before we look at the steps, it is important to know the kind of tools you will require when embarking on bushy tail hunting.

Before you head out to hunt the bushy tail, there is a need to prepare well. One of the ways of doing this is to have the right tools at hand. These tools include:

  • The bag

There is definitely something that you will need to carry along when going out to the woods. I have started with the pack because everything else will be put in there. You will need a spacious bag that will accommodate the gear and the caught game meat. The pocket arrangements should be made in a way that is easy to access the tools, and the bag should be comfortable and long-lasting. 

  • Ammunition

In most cases, you will need the shotgun or the ruffle for putting down the bushy tail. If you are a beginner, then the shotgun will be good for you since it is easy to use though it might leave your meat unpleasant. Once you master the skills, the riffle will be the best as it put down the catch and leave it clean and attractive to the eye. A 22 50 box is ideal for riffle, while the shotgun will need 410 box.

  • Compact Binoculars

Even when you could see the binoculars will help in spotting the motionless squirrel. Note that these bushy tails can pretend like bumps as a way of avoiding predators. To them, you are a predator, and when they spot you first, they can hide in such a way that naked eyes could not see them. A pair of binoculars will, therefore, go a long way to differentiate between a squirrel and the bumps, and you can even bird-watch when taking a break.

  • Call

Calls are devices designed to mimic squirrel sounds with an aim, making them hang around. The bushy tails have their own way of avoiding being hunted and especially when they hear the noise they are not accustomed to.  This will make them freeze motionless as they shield themselves from danger, making it challenging to spot. The call will, therefore, ensure that they continue jumping up and about on trees for easy spotting and shooting.

  • Water And First Aid Kit

Any outdoor activity, including hunting, requires one to stay hydrated. You should carry water that can take you for a whole day. Additionally, the first aid kit should be in b=the bag to cater for emergencies. The items that should be put in the package include tweezers, safety pins, swabs, bandages, and eye drops, among others.

  • Plastic Bags

Once you put down the squirrel, you should put in the plastic bag before throwing them in the field bag. This prevents the bloodstains and offers additional storage space for bush food and fruits. Carry two or three plastic bags that can accommodate more!

Steps To Follow For Successful Squirrel Hunting – Beginner’s Guide

Success does not just come; you have to plan for it. By following the steps highlighted below, you will hunt like a pro on your first trip.

  • Identify Hunting Place And Ideal Time

Squirrels love champing on acorns, hickory nuts, and beechnuts. Therefore, the best place to hunt for the bushy tail is on woods with oak, hickory, and beech trees. Note that during the day time, the squirrels are very active; therefore, going for them in the morning or afternoon hours will guarantee a catch. The best time is summer and start the fall season.

  • Check For Clues 

The best clues that will signal the presence of the squirrels are the cuttings. Ensure you see the husk falling or hear the squirrel sound before setting the trigger. Obvious giveaways will make hunting less tiring.

  • Mimic The Noise Of The Squirrel 

After getting the clue on the location of the squirrel, you should mimic their noise. Before doing that, you should hide free from their sight. You can use calls to imitate them or, if on a tight budget, use traditional methods. This is done by rubbing ribbed and flat edge together to imitate champing sounds.

  • Be patient

When it comes to squirrel hunting, patience pays. Stay calm, waiting to spot the catch or stalk them. Waiting patiently to locate one will pay off, especially if it is done while mimicking their sounds. As a beginner, you should ensure the spotted squirrel is calm before shooting on target.

  • Wisely choose your shot

You don’t want to miss your spotted catch. Remember, you are shooting upwards, and therefore, you should stay safe while at it. Aim at the head so as to kill it immediately and leave the meat pleasant. Shooting other parts may only injure and give it time to escape, thus ruining and wasting the bullet.

  • Cleaning the Hunt

Once you put down the squirrel, you need to skin it, then gutting in should be done to prevent the meat from going bad. This is the perfect time to mentor the young ones and instill bravery into them.

Final Take

Squirrel hunting is the best way to release the stresses of daily life. It is also the right way of teaching youngsters hunting skills. What you need is the tools mentioned above and thereafter plan for bushy tail hunting. You need to follow the steps given above, especially if you are a beginner for successful pursuit. The insight can also be of great help to the experts for more hunts.

Get the right gear and head out for fun and challenging squirrel hunting expedition! 

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