Hunting coyotes at night

Hunting Coyotes at Night Tips - Gear and Techniques That You Need!

Hunting coyotes at night can be both thrilling and fun. It could also be challenging unless you have the right gear and techniques since these predators are quite cunning. The canines are nocturnal and have all the tactics of sighting you from far and dodging your traps. You, therefore, need to plan well in advance before embarking on this memorable hunting experience. Below are some of the things you need to know in advance:

Different states have their regulations when it comes to hunting at night. You should, therefore, seek to follow the rules of the area you want to do the hunting. In states where coyote hunting with the aid of artificial light is illegal, then the use of a short-gun comes in handy.

  • Pre-Scouting

Hunting the coyotes at night will not be secure unless you mark the area you intend to pursue during the day. You need to understand the terrain of the place well, and mark stands to guide you at night. Since driving around at night is not easy, you will need to scout beforehand.

  • The hunting position

Hunting while you stand makes it easy to shoot at night as it enables you to see your target easily. Darkness provides the camouflage needed, and therefore, you do not need to hide in front of bushes and trees. Since it is illegal to hunt atop a vehicle in most states, you may need a lightweight carbon fiber tripod. The device will provide you with the shooting position up off the ground. You will also need a hog or pig saddle to help you mount your weapon safely, for quiet and comfortable rotation from left to right.

  • Calling the predators

Since sound travels further at night than during the day, it is advisable to play the distress sound at a lower volume. Coyotes are louder at night, and you can, therefore, howl and locate them then mimic a distress call. Since the predators will tend to come slower at night and work downwind, it is advisable to set up downwind in anticipation that they will go towards you. 

  • Use of Thermal, Lights, or Night Vision

Hunting at night requires you to have devices that make it possible to see the animals. High-quality thermal tools will enable you to spot the coyotes that could be many yards away in total darkness. It is practically impossible to scan with your weapon since it will wear you out quickly. The method is also loud hence will scare away an approaching predator. It is, therefore, necessary to use a monocular for thermal.

If you are using lights, the wicked lights kit with a hand scanner and a mounted weapon light is ideal. It helps solve the light color debate by merging all three standard colors into one view. Using a night vision requires you to have a high powered IR scan light to help illuminate your target. Night vision will help you see through a glass, unlike thermal, and you can, therefore, drive down the road with lights off and scan the fields thoroughly.

The Night Hunting Tips

The Night Hunting Tips

Hunting Coyotes at Night Tips

For active hunting of coyotes at night, you need to have some tips that will help not only spot them but also trap them hassle-free. Check the following:

The best light color

Although some hunters use red or green lights while hunting at night, a study has shown that these animals come to while light more than to any other color. However, you should select the color that is more pleasing or appealing. Green is more popular since you can see a little better with it than red. 


It would help if you scanned back and forth very fast, intending to catch the predator's eyes other than its full body. It would help if you then hit quickly before this animal, which is such swift escapes from your sight. If you are doing it with a partner, you need to split the field into half without overlapping, then scan until you can see something.

Halo the animals

After identifying the pair of eyes, you have to use the edge of your light as a halo effect to help follow the animal. You should avoid shining the brightest part of the beam directly into the eyes of the predator and also ensure that you don’t take off the light once there. It is advisable to observe the animal’s body language since not all respond the same way. Always remember that the light also acts as your camouflage.

Wiggle the light

If you are hunting with a partner, especially a cameraman, it is advisable to let them know when you are on an animal by twisting the lamp regularly. Since a person standing away from you may not see the eyes as you do, always let them know when you have an animal in your line. Wiggling the light helps you to avoid verbal communication that may scare away the predator.

Shooting Distance at Night

It may be challenging to judge distance at night. It is therefore advisable to make some mental notes about what you think the range is before you can start calling. You should agree with your partner about the estimates of the field and make yourself familiar with the terrain. It would help if you took short-range shots at night that are not further than 125 yards. Since you may not know what is behind the animal, it is good to avoid long-range shots that may cause potential harm to other animals such as dogs and fawns. You also need to take care of your safety by making the right decisions before shooting.

The phase of the moon

You need to know the moon phase when hunting is most effective. Canines find it easy to hunt during a moonlight night. You will, therefore, need to use your light to camouflage since it forces their eyes to adjust to the brightness hence blinding them to anything in low-light. The lamp creates a new contrast, which prevents their eyes from picking you out like under the moonlight.

Best Light for Hunting Coyotes at Night

Hunting Coyotes at night is another level of fun and excitement. However, not having the right kind of light for it might give Coyotes a significant advantage over you, making your night hunting experience less desirable.

Different types of hunting lights have pros and cons, but when it comes to hunting Coyotes at night, most hunters will tell you that the best light to use is red lights. 

Red is the best color light to use in hunting Coyotes at night because this color provides the best eyeshine. Furthermore, red light is not visible to most predators, so it is less likely for Coyotes to be spooked out and bolt away when you shine your red spotlight,

Aside from that, it is also beneficial for the hunter’s eyes because the red color lights do not cause much fatigue compared to green and white lights. This allows hunters to focus better to aim at their targets.

Here are some recommended lights for hunting Coyotes at night:

The ScanPro iC Wicked light has a built-in halo shield that removes backlighting. It also has a

full intensity control that allows you to adjust the brightness so that preys do not get spooked. It also has an interchangeable flood and zoom focus feature.

With this light, you can spot the Coyotes eyes within its 500 yards of identifiable reflection range. Upon purchase, this gear includes a red led light, but you could opt to put another light color on it because it is replaceable. This makes this headlamp versatile.


  • Adjustable elastic head-​band
  • Replaceable light
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • The halo shield is inferior compared to other options in the market.

This night hunting light kit offers a 400-yard range of visibility with intensity control to suit your personal preference. It is easy to adjustable mounting hardware that allows you to change the windage and elevation to give you optimum scope or environment visibility.

Aside from that, this light kit has the “scan-and-kill” technology that enables you to control the focus of your light. This is also a water-resistant kit, so it does its job regardless of the weather environment that you are in.

The LED lights on this kit can be changed to white or green, depending on your need. It also has a lifetime warranty, so your money is not wasted in case it does not perform according to its promise.


  • Unlimited Intensity LED control
  • Durable
  • Decent rechargeable battery life


  • The halo shield is inferior compared to other options in the market.

The Orion H30 is a durable and waterproof lighting kit. Its red light variant makes it compatible for Coyote hunting at night. It has four different brightness settings to choose from, which provides visibility upto 270 yards with a maximum brightness of 300 lumens.

The batteries on this light kit can last upto four hours of non-stop use in full brightness. It also comes with a comprehensive warranty for ten years in case you encounter an issue with the product.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Compatible with most types of rifles
  • Long visibility range


  • Does not have a zoom focus feature

How to Hunt Coyotes at Night Without a Light

Coyotes are mostly active at night, which is why an ideal time to hunt them is also during the night. However, one of the significant challenges in hunting at night is the lack of visibility. This is even more challenging when you will not be using a light.

To hunt a Coyote at night, the first thing that you have to do is prepare during the day. Familiarize yourself with the environment and look for the locations of the water whole. Mark these locations and find a strategic position. It is also essential that you fuel up with food and hydration because you will need strength for a long night of hunting. 

Bow Hunting Coyotes at Night Mode

Bows are great hunting tools for Coyotes because they are strong but incognito. However, bow hunting coyotes at night mode requires patience and skills.

It would help if you had plenty of patience to wait for the Coyotes to respond to your calls. These calls can be done traditionally, or you can use the automated animal callers. Regardless of what method you use, you have to wait for the animal to respond.

Once the animal responds and it is already within your shooting range, you have to seal the deal with your arrow. To do that, you must have the proper training of wielding it to have precision and accuracy.

Final Take

Coyote hunting at night can be a memorable and fun encounter when you have the right knowledge and tools. It is, therefore, crucial for you to learn in advance what you need, understand the laws governing the state you are undertaking this important exercise, and have the right gear. Once you are prepared, go out and have fun.

Get the gears, follow the tips, and let the sky be the limit!

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