How to Wash Ski Gloves

Do you love to go skiing? Do you know that you need to wash your ski gloves in a particular manner? This article will teach you how to wash ski gloves.

Bear in mind that Ski gloves can be made using different materials. Thus, you need to wash them taking into consideration the materials they are made of. However, the majority of the kinds of Ski gloves must not be washed regularly.

However, with more use, you do need to wash your ski gloves to keep them in their best condition.

Like normal apparel, ski gloves become smelly and dirty over time. Thus, they need proper handling and care. If you don’t wash your gloves, it will become less effective and will get damaged.

Here is a step by step guide on how to wash Ski gloves:

  • Waterproof Ski Gloves

You must never wash waterproof Ski gloves with a laundry soap because it might eventually destroy its waterproof properties. You must also refrain from using a regular detergent on it as it can trap water inside the membrane which may make it less operational.

When washing waterproof Ski gloves in a washing machine, make sure that there is no detergent residue left. Then, carefully pour the suitable amount of glove cleaner in a washing machine. Put the gloves inside a mesh bag to protect it from possible ripping.

Wash it using a warm and gentle cycle. After washing the gloves, softly squeeze water from the fingers towards the wrist area. When drying, place it on a towel or the clothesline.

Meanwhile, if you wish to hand wash your ski gloves, you would need a basin with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. Gradually rub your gloves to get rid of any dirt. You can keep your hand inside the glove while washing so they will retain their shape.

  • Glove with SIlk Liners

A silk liner of a glove is the most popular among liners because it is very warm and lightweight that you cannot almost feel they are inside your Ski gloves.

Washing a silk liner is very easy you just need to put it in lukewarm water with a gentle detergent. Never wash it in water that is too cold or too hot to avoid shrinking or stretching the gloves. Slightly rub the gloves to eradicate all the dust.

After washing your glove with silk liners, wash with cold tap water and add 1/4 cup of vinegar to eliminate the soap, then wash it again using cold water. Lastly, allow it to dry on a towel.

  • Leather Ski Gloves

These types of gloves require special care. Never wash leather gloves or those that are made with leather. Never immerse the leather glove into water.

Instead, you can use a damp fabric to clean it. Use a leather cleaner. Spray the leather cleaner into the outer portion of the gloves and gently rub it. Get a clean cloth to wipe away any excess leather cleaner and do not rinse it off. By no means spray the cleaner on parts of the glove that are not made of leather.

Let the gloves dry naturally. When the leather gloves are completely dry, put on a leather conditioner using a polishing material. This will help your gloves become waterproof and minimize cracking. Again, never apply a leather conditioner on the parts that are not made of leather material.

  • Ski Gloves with Fixed Liners

You must only hand wash these gloves and never put them on a washing machine if you want it to last.

Clean the gloves with a dry fabric. Then, use a wet cloth that has been soaked in plain water. If you want to do a thorough cleaning, you may add a combination of water and mild soap. Next, spot clean by using wet clothing.

If you need to eliminate excess water, softly squeeze the gloves but never do it with brute force, or else you will damage the gloves. Let the gloves to dry in the air.

  • Ski Gloves with Detachable Liners

You can use a washing machine to clean the liners. However, you still need to check with the manufacturer if your liners are machine-washable.

Use cold water and put your washing machine in a gentle cleaning mode. Use a mild soap to protect the fibers of your liners from getting damaged. If you are going to wash the liners along with other fabric, mix it only with the same fabric materials and colors.

Lastly, it is encouraged to use low heat if you are to dry a liner, or better yet let it dry in the air.

How to Safely Dry Ski Gloves?

To make your Ski gloves last a long time and make the best out of your money, then treat them properly. Heat is the number one damaging agent that destroys Ski gloves.

After washing your Ski gloves, you must allow them to dry. You may put your gloves on a table and use other objects to support them. The safest way to dry them is by air drying at room temperature. By doing so, you can also help maintain its shape.

Avoid using heaters and dryers because they can destroy the insulating properties and the fabric of your gloves. If your gloves need a long time to dry, you might need to change it for a more breathable type. The more breathable the glove is, the faster it will dry.

How Should I Store My Ski Gloves?

After washing your Ski gloves, you must properly store them when not in use. Kindly make sure that they are completely dry before storing them. This will help it to stay in top condition.

Hang them somewhere where room temperature can be maintained. Never cram them onto the back of your cupboard to prevent damaging its material.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your ski gloves helps you to use it for a long period. It also diminishes the growth of bacteria which will help you keep healthy.

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