How to Wash a Wetsuit and Make it Last Longer

Swimming in the sea or surfing is quite fun and enjoyable when you have the right wetsuit. Wetsuits keep you feeling warm even when the water gets colder. Taking care of your wetsuit is essential to make it last longer. Wetsuits are made of neoprene, which can be challenging to clean, but we are here to help.

Today we will give you all the information you need about washing your wetsuit.

Cleaning your wetsuit keeps it from having a foul and fishy smell. If you are too tired to wash it, make sure you rinse it in and out after every wear.

Hand washing is the recommended way of cleaning your wetsuit if you want it to last longer and be as good as new even after a year of use. To hand-wash your wetsuit, rinse it first with running water from a tap or hose pipe to remove any sand it might be having. Secondly, soak it in a big basin or bathtub and put in some vinegar and essential oil (you could also use a wet suit wash for this step) and leave it for 30 minutes. Lastly, smash it around with your hands, or a paddle, remove it and rinse thoroughly ready for drying.

How to wash wetsuits in a washing machine

It is advisable to avoid washing your wetsuit in a washing machine since it affects its durability. However, sometimes the circumstances make it impossible to hand wash; thus, machine washing becomes unavoidable. You could also be using your wetsuit frequently and have to replace it every time with how you wash it, notwithstanding. During these moments, this guide will come in handy for you. Here are a few tips on how to clean your wet suit in the washing machine;

  • Do not spin

When washing your wetsuit, always make sure the machine doesn’t enter the spin cycle. Spinning your wetsuit weakens the seams of your wetsuit reducing its durability. After a wash, remove the wetsuit to dry out without wringing it.

  • Do not wash together with other laundry

This might sound obvious, but we had to put it out there without taking chances. Wash your wetsuit separately. Washing your wetsuit with other laundry could mean using the wrong temperature or detergent. Doing this will eventually weaken the wetsuit's material and cause water to leak in while you're surfing. To avoid this, wash your wetsuits separately

  • Do not use hot water

Hot water weakens the neoprene in the wet suit making it lose its snuggly fit. Always use the lowest possible temperature on your washing machine to ensure the water is either cold or Lukewarm

  • Avoid using detergent

Regular detergent is too harsh on neoprene, and it makes it lose its elasticity. Some detergents also contain bleach that may bleach your wet suit and leave it looking unsightly. Use a little wet suit wash in your washing machine to leave your wet suit looking clean and smelling nice.


Washing your wetsuit after wearing it helps to eliminate bacteria, salts, and chemicals that can degrade neoprene. Always use the right procedure to clean your wetsuit to prevent it from wearing out too fast.

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