How to Tie In a Peep Sight in a Compound Bow

A peep sight is a crucial part of archery that makes shooting at the target perfect. Without it, it becomes quite challenging to hit the target.

One of the things you need to learn is how to tie in a peep sight if you own a bow. This process helps to keep it aligned in place and to protect your eyes. An untied peep can fly out, hitting your eye and cause harm.

The following steps can help to tie in a peep:

The first step is to take the essential materials that will help you tie the peep. The equipment includes a serving thread, lighter, scissors, and tweezers.

2. Tying the First Side of the Peep

Before tying in the peep, it is necessary to check the direction of the twist in the string. You can easily create a serving knot on the same side as the string. Take the thread behind the line and leave enough pieces. Ensure that the shorter end of the thread is in the same direction as the peep sight.

You will then need to take the longer end of the serving thread and twist it around the string, pinching the shorter end of the serving against the string. Repeat this process five times. Grab the short end of the serving thread and pull it in the direction of the peep sight to make a knot around the string tight. You should then take the short end of the serving and move it over to point the opposite direction of the peep sight.

The next step is to take a long piece of the thread and continue twisting it over the string in the same direction. Repeat the procedure at least five times and make sure that you stop where the esthetics of the knot start coming out. Using the tweezers pinch the knot to tighten it.

Take the long end of the serving string and move it through the string hole and bring it around. Repeat the process 4-5 times, leaving the same space between them, then pull the long end to tighten the loops created.

Take another loop on the side of the peep and pull up the longer end tight and let it go underneath the glance. Add some tension on the longer side of the serving thread and remove the tweezers.

3. Tying in the Peep Sight

To tie in the peep sight into the string, take the long piece of the serving thread and make a loop and run it through the groove on the peep sight. Take the longer part back on peep sight through the loop that was created and tighten it slowly. Make sure all the serving material is on the groove of the view to remain tight. After tightening the loop on the slot, pinch the longer end of the serving thread by putting it through the string then pull it down towards the peep sight. Ensure that you keep as much tension as possible on it.

4. Tie the Remaining Side of the Peep Sight.

The last step is to tie the remaining side of the peep while keeping an eye on the twist of the string. After relating this side, cut the remaining thread using a pair of scissors from both sides of the peep. Use your lighter to burn the thread on both sides.

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