How to Sight In a Barnett 4x32 Crossbow Scope

A proper crossbow scope is an asset to every experienced bow-hunter. The Barnett 4x32 is very easy to sight, even for beginners. In this guide, we take you through the exact procedure of sighting a Barnett 4x32 crossbow scope, but first, let's look at the features involved.

This scope is designed with crosshairs that illuminate in red or green to make it easy to use. To use the illumination feature, remove the battery cover by turning anti-clockwise. Install a 3v lithium battery with the ‘+’ side up then replace the cover. Turn the illumination dial to illuminate either red or green.

Elevation (vertical) and windage (horizontal) adjustment turrets

The elevation adjustment turret or knob is located at the top of your scope, and it allows you to adjust the arrow’s point of impact up or down.

The windage adjustment knob is located on the side of your scope and allows you to adjust the arrow’s point of impact, either right or left.

The adjustment knobs have markings that guide you on the direction you need to turn to achieve different adjustments. Always remember to carry a screwdriver in the field for turning the knobs.

Adjustment knob clicks

The adjustment knobs click as you turn them. Each click changes the arrow’s point of impact by ¼ MOA or ¼'' at 100 yards, meaning it will be 1/8'' at 50 yards and 1/16'' at 25 yards.

Step by step: sighting your Barnett 4x32 crossbow

When sighting your crossbow, we recommend fixing it so that it doesn’t move as you pull the trigger.

First step:

Stay at least 20 yards from your target and cock your crossbow. Set an arrow and align the topmost reticle in your scope with the bulls-eye. Squeeze the trigger, being careful not to ruin your accuracy. Repeat the process thrice, creating a three-shot group.

Second step:

Approach your target to estimate how high and wide your shot group has to move to hit the bulls-eye. Adjust the elevation and windage to either clockwise or anti-clockwise as needed. The clicks will guide you on how many inches you adjust.

Third step:

Stand at the same 20-yard distance and fire another series of shots. Approach the target to determine the adjustments you need to make. Repeat this step until your arrows land on the bulls-eye. When it does, your crossbow will now be perfectly sighted.

Tips to remember

  • Always follow the rules of crossbow safety when using this scope
  • If you have a problem with reticle movement, adjust the knobs as  far as they can go in all directions then return them as close as you can to the center then sight in your scope
  • Once the scope is zeroed, be careful not to knock it or drop it
  • Make sure you are able to shoot tight arrow groups before trying to sight your scope
  • Be careful not to lose the plastic caps that protect the adjustment knobs

We hope that this guide will be helpful to you and wish you an easy sighting and happy hunting

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  1. William c. Brice sr.

    I’m looking for the factory setting on Barnett 4power scope with four site lines, but it seems imposable , but thanks anyway !!!

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