How to Install a Peep Sight on Compound Bow 

A peep sight is a tiny hole in your bowstring that allows the shooter to have an adequate line of sight between the eye, the pin, and the target. It is among the most common bow accessories that improve accuracy on the range and in the field.

Installing a peep sight on a compound bow can be easy if you follow the following steps:

You should position yourself as if you are aiming at a target straight ahead.  Stand upright with your feet at shoulder width and place your body perpendicular to the imaginary target. You should keep your elbows parallel to the ground and draw your bow fully with the eyes closed and settle on to the anchor points. Open the eye that you will use to peep through and let a friend mark the string. 

2. Fix your peep sight

You should press the bow and separate the strands evenly where the peep sight will be placed. You then need to release the bow and double-check its alignment and location. If your peep is not appropriately aligned, divide the strands again, and reinstall it until it is correctly oriented. If your string has two colors, you do not need to keep them separate when dividing.

You can split up the strands to get a proper orientation but ensure that none of the fibers snag out of place. None of the strands should appear tighter than others. If you divide the strands correctly, they will look the same as when you partition using colors. 

3. Tie in the Peep Sight

After orienting your peep correctly at the right location, you can fix the 'stop knots' above and below the hole. You can use a light amount of tension taken off the string. The pressure should be enough to keep the peep in between the lines, but ensure that it is slack enough to tie the knot close to the peep sight.

Do not tie the actual peep sight to the string as it will lose its forward alignment when the strand stretches, requiring further adjustment. Tying-in a peep slightly below and above the bowstrings will need you to cut off and redo the tie-in each time you adjust the peep sight.

If you want to tie the peep sight to the string, you should do so using a separate piece of string as this will leave three ties in points, i.e., below, around, and above the peep sight. You can realign the peep with knots above and below only by pressing the bow and then correcting the alignment.

4. Secure the Peep and Test It

Using either a razor blade or sharp scissors, trim both ends of the serving string to about 0.125-inches. Do not cut the free ends completely but instead leave short stubs of loose lines at each end. Apply super glue carefully to the serving stubs of the string for a quick seal.

You should then draw the bow using the right technique and confirm the location of the peep. Nock an arrow and draw the bow fully and look straight through the opening in the peep sight. You can make slight adjustments to the location by nudging it up or down a tiny fraction of an inch or centimeter.

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