How To Hunt Rabbits

How To Hunt Rabbits Successfully On Your First Trip – Tips For Beginner’s

Many hunters enjoy hunting rabbits due to their range of habitats. Don’t be mistaken by their small size; you will need to be tactical, skillful with accuracy to catch one. Even experienced hunters know that rabbits are canning and use their senses well to detect any predator. Their agility and speed help them survive in the wilderness. They sprint while jumping and can run with stamina.

Besides, before chasing and shooting one, you must spot it. Due to their camouflage and size, they can go unspotted with small noise enough to cause them to disappear in thin bushes. The tips below are valuable in successful rabbit hunting.

Rabbit hunting required preparations beforehand. Hunters need to get a license from state authority. Some countries the application is made online, while others require hunters to go through training before getting the permit.  Always ensure the license is renewed upon expiry to avoid landing on the wrong side of the law. Identify the rabbits you will be hunting, which is allowed in your state, and wait for the right season. You also need to get the right gear such as hunting jacket, pocket knife and the weapon to hunt rabbits.

2. Identify the location

You have a better chance of landing on a number of rabbits if hunting is done where there is heavy traffic. Though the furry creatures stay in different types of habitats, you need to ask other hunters to get the right spot.  The location should be safe and permitted for hunting. If it is not a public place, you have to seek permission to hunt. Once approval is granted, have the owner walk you around to identify the boarders to avoid altercation in the neighborhood.

3. Choose the proper time for hunting

The rabbit's behavior keeps changing, which calls for improved tactics, including appropriate timing.  Unlike the past, where rabbits used to move freely all day long, nowadays, the majority of them are active early morning and late evening when the sunsets. Farming activities have occupied a significant part of their habitat forcing the rabbit to hide out during the better part of the day. You might find it challenging to spot the rabbits due to soft light during hunting hours, but with practice and persistence, hunters get it right.

4. Look for tracks

To find areas that need to be explored, the hunter has to look for rabbits tracks. Double-back and fresh rabbit tracks can lead you to their nest. Sometimes it is hard to recognize their nest, and you might consider taking young children as they are keen on spotting them.  Dogs also come in handy as they can sniff out the rabbit from their hiding places. Note that taking children along is a great way to teach them hunting skills that can be applied even when stalking other animals.

5. Walk them out

Walk around with your buddies so as to scare the rabbits out of their habitats. Rarely will you shot a rabbit while it is standing or hiding, mostly they will be on the run.  Absolute silence is not the way to go since you want to scare the rabbit but be still enough to hear their movement. Take ten flat spots while pausing for approximately 30 seconds to keenly observe any sign of action or the nest. Be patient as the waiting time is what is likely to scare the rabbit out of their hiding place. If doing it in groups, you need to take turns walking in different areas, which might scare rabbits towards others who should be ready to fire the shot.

6. Watch out for their eyes

How To Hunt Rabbits Successfully On Your First Trip – Tips For Beginner’s

Watch out for their eyes

The only way to spot a well-camouflaged rabbit that stays still even after being scared is to look for their eyes. The eyes glint and expert anglers know how this trick works best once mastered. If you can spot them in their hiding place, then you are able to prepare your weapon before it takes off. Look for them even in thick cover, and spotting one using this technique ups your game. While hunting other wild animals, the trick of locating them first before they see you also works best for your success.

7. Get to know the behavior of the rabbit

Finding the rabbit is easier when you know how they behave in a different circumstance. If walking them out or spotting their eyes is not walking, look behind to try and get them. Being canning, they are used to coming out of their hiding places when they spot you and hide behind in safer areas. As they try to get out of the way rabbits, tend to go behind the predator nit expecting you to look back. You can confuse them by varying your moves and speed, leaving them frozen waiting for that successful shot.

8. Observe safety

Safety is crucial while out hunting for any game animal. Hunters need to wear protective clothing with bright colors. Orange colors are typically recommended since fellow hunters can spot you from a distance. Safety glasses and earplugs should also be worn while shooting. In addition, you need to carry enough water and first aid kit or any emergency. Take food if you plan to hunt for a couple of days. When hunting as a group, you need to spread out for at least 50 feet apart for safe shots while being able to locate each other. Stay in constant communication and always carry guns pointed downwards.

Final Word

Rabbit hunting is the best way to learn hunting skills and an excellent chance to sharpen them. However, the end justifies the means; thus, one needs to have some techniques to ensure they are successful while at it. You are likely to learn more while out in the field, but the above tips should help you start right. It might take time before you master the skills, but patience and practice always reward.

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