How to Easily Fix a Peep Sight Rotation

A rotated or twisted peep sight can be quite frustrating even if it is just slight. It will affect the way you view and set your eyes on your target. The rotation may be caused by, among others, the stretching of new string fibers when you don't have your new bowstring broken in. Having low-quality threads in the bowstring could also cause the dreaded and unwanted peep sight rotation.

The following steps are essential in fixing a peep sight rotation:

Although this method may not give you a permanent solution, it is easy, straightforward, and worth trying. To fix the rotation using this method, you need to loosen the two ends of the D-loop and bend it a bit in the direction of the peep sight twist. Doing this will offset the twist on sight by turning the string enough to align the view with your eye.

With this method, you may need to loosen and adjust the D-loop several times to get the peep aligned.

2. Using a String Silencer

The method uses a string silencer but does not need a bow press. You can buy a string silencer from the bow accessories store or purchase online. You then first untie your peep sight and retie it if it is tied-in. You can slip in the string silencer until the peep is aligned precisely where you want it to be. Move it a little up or down until you are set.

If you use cat whiskers as the device for your string silencer, do not move it around much as this can break the fibers. You can add a robust string silencer and leave the cat whiskers device in the string or remove it.

3. Using a Heavy Yarn or String

In this method, if the peep is tied-in, you should untie it first and slide the heavy thread or yarn between equal strands of your bowstring. As a last tip, move the piece of the yarn until the peep sight becomes perfectly aligned. Leave the thread in the string and trim it a little or leave it that way.

4. Using a Bow Press

If you do not have a bow press at home, the fixing can be done at a bow shop. It is advisable to have at least 100 cycle uses on the bowstring. This break-in period lets the string stretch to its maximum and avoid adjusting it repeatedly to align the peep sight.

You should place the bow in the press and remove the bottom bowstring. It would help if you twisted ½-turn in the direction that you desire the peep sight to rotate to align it and reattach the string. Repeat the procedure to the top part of the bowstring, then take your bow out of the press and check if it is aligned. If your peep sight is not aligned, repeat the process.

You can prevent a peep sight twisting by visiting a local bow shop and have them make one of your bow sizes and draw length. They will pre-stretch the string using tremendous force, which will make the bowstrings seat themselves in as little as 30 cycles at a target. It will not move or twist for the life of the string.

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