How to Dry a Wetsuit- Wet Suit

How to Dry a Wetsuit

Imagine being in a situation where the weather is perfect for surfing or your friends are going surfing or kayaking with kayak but you can't join them because your only wetsuit is still wet. It sounds terrible, but you don't have to worry, in this guide, we discuss how to dry your wetsuit faster and more efficiently.

You already know that leaving your wetsuit damp could make it have a terrible stench. Make sure that every part of the suit, including the zipper, is dry before storing it. Doing this prevents it from harboring bacteria and getting mildew.

How to Dry a Wetsuit faster

Popping your wetsuit in a tumble dryer is not a good idea since the heat shortens your wetsuit's lifespan. So how do you dry your wetsuit faster?

1. Towel method

This method is easy, fast, and works like a charm. You will need two large bath towels and a drying rack. For this method, lay the bath towels on a surface and turn the wetsuit inside out. Roll your wetsuit inside the towels and press firmly, giving your suit a good squeeze. You could also step on the roll, using your weight to press down. Do this until no more water comes out when you squeeze. When you are sure that it is the driest it can be, remove your suit and hang it on a drying rack to air out. After it is dry, store it properly.

2. Using a wetsuit drying hanger method

Wetsuit hangers are amongst the world’s best inventions. They are padded and are designed to withstand the weight of the wet suit without deforming its shape. In this drying method, you should turn the wetsuit inside out and hang it outside using the hanger. Avoid hanging your wetsuit in the sun as exposing neoprene to UV rays weakens it. After half an hour, the water in the wetsuit will have pooled in the lower parts of the arms and legs. Squeeze out this water and leave it for another twenty minutes and repeat. After you have squeezed out all the water, hang your wetsuit in the breeze, and in about an hour, your wetsuit will be ready to wear.

Tips of drying a wetsuit - How to dry wetsuit

Tips of How to Dry a Wetsuit

Tips of drying a wetsuit

  • Do not use wire hangers on a wetsuit since they weaken the neoprene. Invest in a good wetsuit hanger or use a padded hanger.
  • When you cant hang your wetsuit outside, the shower stall is an excellent place to hang it
  • Hanging your wetsuit by the waist prevents it from stretching it out too fast.
  • Conclusion on - How to Dry a Wetsuit

    Everyone wants their wetsuit to serve them for years. Taking care of your wetsuit makes it more durable. How you wear, wash and dry your wetsuit determines how long it will fit you without wearing out. Your wetsuit is a precious investment that you might already be attached to. Drying your wetsuit the right way ensures it doesn’t wear out too fast and prevents it from smelling. Follow the guidelines that we have highlighted and get maximum wear out of your wetsuit. We hope that moving forward, drying your wetsuit will be easy-peasy for you. All the best

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