Black Bear Hunting Tips for Beginner’s

Black Bear Hunting Tips for Beginner’s - How to Hunt Like a Pro!

Black bears are known to be very aggressive and can detect a predator from far. Their strong sense of smell makes it even harder to find them. The black bear also has a keen hearing ability with a clear vision comparable to that of a human being. They present a dangerous game adding to the excitement and fulfillment you get when hunting is successful.

However, you need to get the right tools and essential skills to get one down. Their meat and the hide are worth every effort made. Here we present the essential tips that make black bear hunting effortless:

Best Time Of Day To Hunt Black Bear

Best Time Of Day To Hunt Black Bear

The bears tend to hide away during winter, and thus stalking should be done over the spring and the fall season. When done during the ideal season, there is a high chance of getting the bears out there. Some states allow hunting to be done during both seasons, while others only give a permit for one. Before going out, ensure you have followed all the regulations and obtain a license from your state.

There is also the right time of the day in which a black bear should be hunted. The best time is the afternoon and late evening. However, it would help if you went out early in the morning to prepare the stand and get everything ready. You will also get enough time to set your bait and avoid startling the bears that mostly come out in the afternoon hours. Patience is needed as it might take you time before trapping one, but once done, it becomes effortless.

2. Take the recommended gear

When you are getting ready to go out and hunt a bear, it is essential to take the right equipment. Take the bug repellent to avoid any bites while staying in the stand. A rangefinder is also needed to help in tracing the bear as it moves towards the bait. Once they get closer, you might want to try your luck and hit them. The bait and stand are the other things that should not miss when going out to the wild.

Take the safety harness as well to use while in the stand. This keeps you in place even when one ends up sleeping to avoid hitting the ground. Since the stand is on higher grounds up, the tree falling means hurting oneself and ending the day badly. Do not risk, invest in the gear, and stay safe while scouting for bears.

3. Place the bait

Although the use of bait in hunting black bears is a contentious issue, some still use it. You need to consider the regulations in your state and know which practices are ethically wrong and right. Once you decide to go for baits, then select one with a strong odor to bring bear out of their hideout. Note that the bear can also be put off by the bait used, especially if their feces is not near it.

To improve the chances of enticing the bear, look for their feces and put them next to your bait. Follow the same routine when out hunting bears to gain their trust. It works well if you are hunting in the same place often or camping for a week with bear hunting goals. In case you do not want to use bait, a trail camera can do the work. Use the device to know the bear's regular feeding place and set your stand there.

4. Set up the stand

When hunting any animal, you need to stay safe from dangers. The stand keeps you hidden and should be very comfortable. Something painted camo should be installed around the stand but should not interfere with your line of sight towards the bear's direction. Avoid making noise in the stand as it can scare the black bear, thus halting your hunt.

Bears that might not have been seen may be startled by the little accidental noise made while hidden in the stand. You can take a seat with backrest to be able to spend more time looking for the bear.

5. Control your smell

The bears have a strong sense of smell, thus can easily detect hunting activities. You will need to use products that can mask your scent to avoid raising any suspicion among the bears. Use the recommended scent detergents on the clothes and always keep them safely after every hunting activity. Before getting to the stand, you should always wash your body and hair to get rid of any smell that can startle the bear.

Additionally, the urine and the smell of the food can prevent bears from coming out of their hiding place. Urinate in a container and cover it to avoid any smell from getting to them. Besides, minimize food with a scent so that the bear cannot sniff you out. Contrary, make the bait more enticing by putting a strong smell that attracts the black bears. Male bears can be attracted by the use of female pheromones, which can make them come out earlier towards the bait, making it possible to hunt one before dawn.

6. Learn more about the targeted bear

Learn more about the targeted bear

Learn more about the targeted bear you want to hunt.

Yes, you are targeting black bears, but there is so much more to learn for a successful hunt. It is good to learn about the behavior of the bears in your area of interest by tracking them using trail cameras. Scouting the bear before going for real hunt enables you to learn their behavior; thus, making it easier to set the bait while staying out of danger.  Those that are aggressive might be harder to take down, but it will be exciting if you can do so. Either way, the information gathered will be helpful to you.

Final Thoughts on the Black Bear Hunting Tips

Expert hunters find it fun and exciting to hunt bears despite their aggressive nature. The beginners might find it a little challenging at first, but, with the above tips hunting black bears will be effortless. Get the right gear and do enough practice before going out for real hunt. If there is an expert around your area, get their company in your first strip. Once all the skills are mastered, then there is nothing that can stop you from hunting bears during the right season!

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