The Best Peep Sight for Hunting in 2020

Among the most impactful pieces of gear in archery is a peep sight.  It is the cheapest yet very useful when it comes to accuracy and consistency when shooting at a target. A peep sight is a small tool that is fitted to a bowstring and which is designed to help hunters improve in their performance.

There are generally two types of peeps for an archer to choose from, i.e. tube and tubeless, also known as free float.   The current quality of the strings installed on your bow determines the style of the peep sight you choose. A low-quality fibre stretches and spins as you draw and shoot and this is best suited for a tube peep. There are different peep sights on the market, and choosing the right one may be challenging.

In this guide, we highlight the seven best peep sights and the factors to consider when purchasing these essential gears. Read on!

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The 6 Best Peep Sights for Hunting in Details

Hunting is fun when the right gear is used. A peep sight helps to improve on the overall accuracy in shooting and leaves you yearning for the next adventure, whether you are a pro or an amateur. Choosing the best peep sight from the many in the market may be an uphill task as it requires a lot of time. Below is a list of the six top peeps that we have tested and certified as excellent.

The TRUGLO tritium handgun sights give unmatched visibility in low-light shooting conditions or total darkness. The sights glow bright both at night and during the day, giving you a clear sight picture. This Tritium sights change from regular white dots during the day to glowing green dots in the dark. It neither needs batteries nor charging with lights but it merely glows.

Tritium sights can handle just about anything since they have a compact snag-free design, amazingly durable construction, and longer sight radius. The tools are made of robust CNC- machined steel with a fortress finish coating for optimum protection.  

Key Features:

  • Unmatched visibility in low lights shooting conditions
  • Sights glow green dots at night and bright white dots in daylight
  • Made of sturdy CNC-machined steel with a fortress finish coating
  • Snag-resistant design that fits standard holsters
  • Square-notch design that is duty proven


  • Style name                     Glock
  • Product dimensions       5.8 x 3.8 x 1 inches
  • Item weight                   1.28 ounces
  • Item model                    TG231G1

This bow sight has five ultra-bright .019-inch medium horizontal fibre optic pins for maximum visibility, and it gives success that can not be matched. The laser-edged aluminium allows for accurate elevation, windage, and pin adjustment, and you will, therefore, shoot at the target without much struggle.

The tool has a soft touch Ballistix coating to reduce vibration hence gives comfort when operating the bow. For ultimate accuracy, the sight has five ultra-bright .019-inch medium horizontal fibre optic pins with pin guard. It also has a green hood accent that allows for faster sight acquisition, properly aligned shots with the precision installed bubble level. 

Offset mounting holes are also available to provide ultimate flexibility as well as reversible mount design that can be used with the left and right-hand bows.

Key Features:

  • Five ultra-bright .019-inch medium horizontal fiber optic pins
  • Offset mounting holes for extra customizability
  • Properly aligned shots with the accuracy installed bubble level
  • Greenhood accent for faster sight acquisition
  • Reversible mount design for using with left-and-right hand bows


  • Product dimensions            9 x 4 x 9 inches
  • Item model number           AS109

This range rover pro features TRUGLO's inventive power-dot illuminated centre dot technology. It loses the pin of the initial range rover sight to open up the field of view. It has a new revolutionary scope housing that encompasses a circle with a bright centre dot for excellence precision.

The brightness of the LED is entirely adjustable to match your desired level under any lighting conditions, and there is no pin to block your view on long-distance shots. You will also have the zero-in adjustment dial for ultra-smooth, quick, and precise yardage regulation, as well as a glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring, a large field of view, and a tool-less design.

The range rover pro also includes a quiver mount that is adjustable for left and right-handed shooters. There is also a range rover accessory lens-kit that gives you two times magnification so you will not miss the target. It helps to increase your accuracy and increase your success.

Key Features:

  • Premium precision
  • Innovative power-dot illuminated center dot mechanism
  • Wide field of view
  • Fully adjustable brightness of the LED to match your desired level
  • Zero-in adjustment dial for fast, ultra-smooth, and accurate yardage adjustment
  • A glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring
  • An included quiver mount that is adjustable for right and left-handed shooters


  • Style name                        1-dot
  • Product dimensions          10 x 10.2 x 4-inches
  • Item model number          TG6401GB

The Trophy Ridge pursuit bow sight is a high-performance vertical pin that allows for sight's ultra-precise adjustments. It has Delrin bushings that create smooth, quiet movement with no metal-to-metal contact. The bow sight has adjustable brightness that is suitable for any visibility condition with the rheostat light.

You will maintain precision through low and changing light with glo indicator pins as well as get ultimate visibility with the ultra-bright .019-inch medium vertical fiber optic pin. The adjustable vertical indicator pin lets you dial-in the exact yardage that you need for various environmental conditions both silently and smoothly. The tool is available in two styles, i.e. left and right-handed.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-bright .019 medium vertical fiber optic pin to help you easily narrow-in on your target
  • Adjustable brightness to match any shooting condition with the rheostat light
  • Excellent-performance vertical indicator pin that allows for ultra-precise adjustments
  • Maintain precision through low and changing light with glow indicator pins
  • Durable construction with 100% aluminium
  • Designed for the right-handed shooter
  • Delrin bushings that produce quiet, smooth movement with no metal-metal contact


  • Style name                     Right hand
  • Product dimensions       8.8 x 8 x 3.2 inches
  • Item weight                    7.2 ounces
  • Item model number       AS401R

The TRUGLO centra peep has an angled design that makes it the best peep sight for compound bows. Its 3/16-inch aperture diameter allows you to get a clear sight picture giving you the accuracy that you desire.

The peep is both durable and reliable as it is an aluminium construction that gives it the stability and strength of a good peep. The lovely little peep allows you to push your sight out further for longer sight axis.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Precision CNC-machined
  • Angled construction for shorter axle-to-axle bows
  • Aperture diameter of 3/16-inch
  • It is  good quality and price
  • Works excellent and it is easy to install


  • Aperture diameter              3/16-inch

The Truglo Versa has a minimal look in a lightweight, rugged design body, and it is a small piece of attachment that is guaranteed to work. It is engineered precisely with angles and insets that are designed using CNC machines.

The peep is made using aircraft-grade aluminum that does not rust or get oxidized. The metal used is 1-4 inches in diameter, and the peeps are prepared to use under heavy weather conditions such as sunlight, rain, and also sub-zero temperature. They are painted in red and black to prevent oxidation and rust, and they look good as well as functional.

TRUGLO Versa gives you the option of choosing a color from green, red, or black depending on your taste. The peeps have an angled design, and they are the best sights for shorter axle-to-axle bows. The small size of the peep gives you more visibility of the target outside the peephole, making them great for both beginner and professional archers.

Key Features:

  • Precision CNC-machined
  • Green, red, and black colors
  • 1/4 –inch diameter without insert
  • A lightweight aluminum construction
  • Angled design for shorter axle-to-axle bows


  • Product dimensions          6.9 x 5.8 x 0.5 inches
  • Item weight                       0.32 ounces
  •  Item model number           TG75X

The Main Styles of Peep Sights

A peep sight is normally installed in the bowstring as a rear sight to enable you to quickly, accurately, and consistently draw and line up your front bow sight on the target. Choosing the right style of the peep gives you the best result desired. The following are the main styles of these gears:

  1. Fletcher Peep

    This style of the peep offers the clearest view of your front bow sight, and it comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes. It is a great peep though it's a bit priced than other styles and its initial set up is a time-consuming process.

    For you to line up a Fletcher consistently, you have to rotate the strands of the string from one side to the other until it stays in the right position. The process requires several attempts and may also need a bow press.

    This peep style is generally affected by weather conditions such as rain, heat, and snow and may not be ideal for the archers who are always out in the bush. However, if you hunt only occasionally and on beautiful days, then you can go for it.

  2. Tri-Slot Peep

    The Tri-slot peep style allows you to get a shot regardless of which way your string rotates. It breaks your thread into three groups, and the hunter may have to look through some of the strands. This peep style is the best option when you are hunting in the rain, cold, or extreme heat, which might cause the string to rotate at a different rate.

  3. Rubber Tube Peep

    Most manufacturers put tube peeps on their complete package bows. When you draw the bow back, the rubber tubing pulls the peep sight into position and lines it up with the front sight. One downside of this peep style is that the tube regularly breaks even when there is no wear and tear. You can also easily catch the peep on the on a branch when walking through the bush. The bow may make some noise since the string drags the rubber tubing back to the bow when released. You will also lose several feet per second of arrow speed.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Best Peep Sights for Hunting

Peep sights are small pieces of kit that are curved in shape and attached to bowstrings. They help to improve the hunter’s aim and accuracy. Choosing the right peep sight makes the difference between missing your target or hitting it.

The following factors are helpful for you to select and purchase the correct peep sights:

  1. The Diameter

    The diameter of a peep sight has a significant effect on your aim and accuracy. A small diameter requires you to make finer alignments and adjustments to improve the precision of your target. Smaller sights let less light through and shooting in low light conditions will need you to use a larger aperture.

    A larger diameter, on the other hand, does not need fine adjustments and alignment to improve accuracy. It allows much light, and you will not need a large aperture to shoot in low-light conditions.

  2. Peep Sight Aperture (Size)

    When selecting the size of your peep sight, you can pick either small ( 1/16-inch), medium (1/8 inch), or large ( 3/16 inch). A more significant peep sight is easier to see through, and it also works well in low-light conditions. A small peep sight on the hand allows you to focus your shorts more precisely and reduce your error margin. Small peep sights work well when you are hunting on sunny, bright days. Majority of archers prefer medium-sized peep sights since they are safer to use.

  3. Peep Sight Height

    The distance of the peep sight above the bowstring's nocking point is referred to as its height. A suitable height ensures that the peep locks in place. For long draw lengths or low anchor points, a high peep height of 15cm is ideal. A low peep height of 11cm is perfect for extremely short draw lengths or high anchor points. A bow that does not fit in either category can go with a standard height of 13cm.

  4. Illuminated Aperture

    If you are a bowhunter, you likely hunt in low light conditions since dawn and dusk are considered as the best time for hunting. Glowing or illuminated apertures allow you to accurately locate the peep sight and quickly line up your shot when you spot your target.

  5. The Type of Peep

    There are three main types of peep sights that you can choose from, i.e. rubber tube, Fletcher, and tri-slot peeps. Rubber tube peep is the cheapest and most reliable in keeping your bow aligned. It, however, makes a snapping sound after releasing the string and the rubber tube can break after the normal wear and tear.

    The Fletcher peep sight is the most popular option among bowhunters, and it is constructed from aluminum, and it splits the string fibers into two. The tri-slot is the most versatile, and it has three channels that cut three bow threads through them. They are the best since they don't need any adjustment after installing.

  6. The Material

    Most professional peep sights are made of industrial aluminum since it is sturdy but lightweight. It is advisable to look at the finishing before purchasing the gear. An unfinished metal can damage the bowstrings and affect the accuracy of your bow.

    If you are a beginner archer, you can choose a plastic peep, but there are also professional ones.

  7. The Design

    A good design of the peep can have a significant impact on the target shooting. The best peep sight for hunting should be hooded to help you with sheds for rain and sun. A smart design will also give you a comfortable viewing on the peep sight.

  8. The Line-Up Degree

    The lineup degree should match your bow. The seams on the peep sight result in the right alignment on the target. The lineup degree varies from 36o and above, and you should get the right one with the correct measurement to match your bow size.

    The peep should also be lightweight for better performance. Heavy peeps are not suitable for accuracy since they can change the direction of the string during the action.

  9. The Color

    The right color of the peep results in maximum visibility when shooting at a target. Black is the most neutral color, but you can choose according to your preferences. Ensure that the color does not distract your vision.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Peep Sight For Hunting

There are several FAQs about best peep sights for hunting. Below is a sample of these questions:

  • Which is the best size of peep sight for archery?
    Ans: The 3/16 inches peeps are the most common, and it fits most of the sight styles. When choosing these gears always remember that a smaller diameter of the peep provides more precision while a more significant size gives a better low light performance.
  • Does the color of the peep sight matter?
    AnsYes. The color of the peep sight is necessary since a colored one reflects the light, which can make it difficult to see your target in brighter conditions. A bright-colored peep reflects more light and makes your vision less clear.
  • How Can I Measure a Peep Sight?
    AnsThe diameter on the opening that you look through on the peep is referred to as the size. A more substantial proportion of the sight gives a better field of view when hunting. You can slip a drill bit through the peep and use it as a gauge to measure its diameter. 
  • Is a peep sight necessary on my bow?
    AnsAlthough you can use your bow without a peep sight, this device has an impact on the accuracy in archery. It helps to improve your overall performance whether you are an expert archer or a beginner. Most peeps feature a rheostat light that provides illumination when you are in low light conditions. If you need to be more accurate in hunting, then a peep sight is an excellent device for your bow.
  • How can I align a peep sight on a bow?
    AnsYou can use a bow press to ease the string and organize the strands as this tool makes it easy to align the peep in the series. Some peep sights come with devices in the form of nuts that makes it easy to adjust the peep sight.
  • How can I stop my peep sight from twisting?
    AnsYou should rotate the loop in the opposite direction to stop your peep sight from twisting. The peep will be straightened when you nock the arrow hence increase the precision.
  • How can one adjust a peep sight rotation?
    AnsYou can adjust a peep sight rotation by changing the strands cautiously. You should first unmount the bow from the press and check for any damages on the peep. If there is no damage, you can increase or decrease the twist on sight to provide you with the desired shooting position.

Final Word

When choosing the best peep sight for hunting, it is always advisable to consider your personal preferences first. It is essential to ensure that the tool is lightweight and durable as this will give more accuracy and also ensure that it will serve for long without calling for a replacement. Avoid an overweight sight since this can alter the direction of the string when you draw the bow. A lightweight bow sight provides better precision as it does not affect the weight of your bow.

Ensure also that you pick the right size that will match pour recurve or compound bow. Remember that a small peep is best for shooting or target practice while a more significant peep is perfect for use in hunting.

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