6 Best Messenger Bags for Men and Women 2020

Nowadays, a bag has become an indispensable part of many people when going out. Using the bags, people can easily carry their essential personal belongings along with them. As for students, they use the bag to put their notebooks, laptops, cellphones, chargers or a pair of headphones. As for women, the bag is even more important. Women and bags are closely intertwined. They bring beauty products like lipsticks, lotions, wallets, and many other valuables. Furthermore, a bag can give you a fashionable look as well as reflect your personal image. Therefore, if the bag is really a must-have item to you and you carry it all the time, this article is for you. Today, this article will introduce to you a sort of bag that is really convenient, comfortable and fashionable- messenger bags. After reading this article, you will find out more interesting information about bags in general and also the benefits of owning a messenger bag.


XINCADA Mens Canvas Shoulder Best Messenger Bag

  • Vertical messenger bag
  • High-quality hardware zippers
  • Unique design

Editor Choice


  • Easy access pockets
  • Scratch-resistant canvas
  • Water-proof
  • Detachable strap

Detailed Reviews of the Best Messenger Bags

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- The first thing to mention about this bag is its maximum security. There’s a locking organizer to organizer compartment with card and passport slots with RFID blocking technology. This means that any credit cards and passports with an RFID chip cannot broadcast personal information. This can protect users from both electronic and traditional pickpockets. In addition, the adjustable shoulder strap is cable reinforced and cut-proof and it also features a locking carabiner to secure the bag to a post fixture or chair to preclude grab-and-go theft. Furthermore, the locking zipper will deter a pickpocket from opening your bag and accessing its contents.

- The removable LED light keeps users from fumbling in the dark.

- It measures 8.5” X 8.5” X 2” (when empty). The bag is quite small, so you can just put a cellphone, a passport, some basic cosmetics such as lipsticks,… It is suitable for some occasions when you hang out without carrying many items.


  • High security
  • A wide variety of colors, mainly dark ones
  • Designed for both women and men​


  • Limited capacity
  • Fragile locking zipper
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- This messenger bag is made of a gorgeous, cowhide Colombian leather that is very durable.

- Product dimensions: 15. 0” L x 11. 0” H x 3. 0” D. This bag is suitable for everybody. You can take it to school or to work or even hang out. The main slot is spacious so that you can load it up with many books or a laptop. Behind that main area, there’s a thin slot to contain folders, paper, or frequently needed items. The inside has two wide deep pockets that are great for organizing.

- It is made sturdy and the construction of this bag gives it the capability to hold quite heavy stuff without the threat of tearing at the strap or any sort of damage.

- The leather strap can be adjusted for several sizes.

- The shoulder pad is very comfortable and fits well with the bag. It can stay still when you want it but can be slid to position you want also

- This messenger bag comes in neutral colors, so you can carry it while wearing any styles of clothing.


  • A great bag for the price
  • Very lightweight for a leather bag
  • A lot of useful interior space for everyday use


  • The flap doesn’t have a strong enough magnet
  • No inner zipper so it may not secure small items
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- It's a great bag for working, short traveling, or school.

- There are various pockets, 8 pockets in total. There’s one pocket at the front and one at the back, which is suitable for things like pens, hair ties, etc. The inside has two side pockets so that you can organize your stuff comfortably. The main compartment has a zipper with a lot of room that can contain a 13,5’’ laptop and two drop cases for cell phones and important small items. It’s easy to find a particular thing without having to unbuckle all kinds of things.

- Product dimensions: 13.5 x 3.1 x 10.8 inches.

- The strap is about 5 feet in length and can be detached and adjusted, giving a comfortable carrying on the shoulder.

- It is made of water-proof and scratch-resistant canvas so it cannot be cut easily and deters you from pickpockets.

- The top flap is secured with Velcro which doesn’t make a loud sound when opening as usual. The stitching is nice.


  • The price is reasonable
  • Durable
  • Pockets are easy to access
  • Very easy to open and place things in


  • It cannot contain any heavy things
  • The Velcro pulls off quickly
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- Although this bag is labeled as a men’s messenger bag, it can also be used by women or teenagers.

- There are two sizes of this bag: small and large. For a small one, it measures 8.27x3.74x10.24 inch and for a large one, it measures 9.44x4.53x12.2 inches. It is a vertical messenger bag.

- This messenger bag is made of canvas, durable enough and soft to touch. The zippers of it are made of high-quality hardware and decorated with PU leather.

- It has one side pocket for each side which is only large enough for putting a glass or quick snack. There is also a pocket at the front and the back of the bag.

- There are two main compartments: one is hidden under the flap and one is in outer space. Inside the smaller compartment, there’s a key chain holder, two pen holders and a small pocket. There’s also a little loop there which you can use to put your headphone cord through so that you can connect it to your cellphone inside the bag and listen to music, for example. Inside the bigger compartment, it is quite spacious and there are also some zipped slots.

- It has a nice handle and an expandable strap rear.


  • Affordable price
  • There are various pockets
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Unique headphone hole design


  • The stitching and zippers are pretty solid
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- This messenger bag is most suitable for students or officers who have to carry a lot of folders, a notebook, books or a laptop. The style is unisex without a bunch of straps and zippers

- Product dimensions: 15" X 11" X 6".

- There are various pockets. Two side pockets are loose enough to contain water bottles or snack bars. They also have a snap. The inside has two wide deep pockets that are great for organizing. The main compartment is spacious and can fit a lot of items. Inside the main compartment, there’s a small pocket so that you can put your small paper, cards, or money.

- The strap is long and wide and can be adjusted to fit your body with an adjustable shoulder pad.

- The Velcro on the front of the bag is reasonably placed so that they will hold the bag loosely closed with a wide variety of load sizes.


  • The price is reasonable
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from
  • It’s sturdy but lightweight


  • The Velcro comes off quickly
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- Product dimensions: 17.5 x 12 x 5". This messenger bag is spacious enough to easily fit 13", 14", and up to 15.6" laptop.

- It is made of long-lasting, 100% cotton canvas material that is soft and pliable. This product is also durable, therefore, it can be used to serve a lot of purposes, such as containing a laptop, notebooks or books.

- The adjustable wide strap and padded cushion make it comfortable to carry. It also has a convenient handle positioned top-rear for easy carrying.

-Two side pouches are loose enough to carry water bottles or accessories, in addition to two front pockets which are typical of a messenger bag under hook and loop closure on the front flap. There’s a small pocket inside the main compartment to put cards or money.

- They close the flap with the Velcro which is pretty minimal.


  • It is reasonably-priced
  • Can be closed and opened easily
  • It’s very roomy


  • The inside main pocket should have a zipper

Why should you own a messenger bags?

A messenger bag is really useful, convenient and can be used for a multitude of purposes. If you are a postal worker, messenger or courier, this bag is definitely the best choice for your job. As you may know, the messenger bag is initially made to be used by messengers or line workers. Furthermore, it can be a helpful bag for students who have to carry a lot of things when going to school. This kind of bag, with its various pockets, can help you to organize school stuff. Or this bag is even suitable for you when hanging out or traveling as it can keep your personal belongings safe.

Here are some benefits of a messenger bag that make it superior to other kinds of the bag:

l    It has a lot of room to contain things

The bag has a square or rectangular shape and spacious main compartment, so you can comfortably put things in it without worrying that they will squash things out of shape.

l    It’s easy to organize things and stay organized

- This kind of bag has a lot of pockets outside and inside which can help you to arrange your items properly and in order. You can put your frequently needed items on the outside pockets to access them easily.

- In some cases, like when you want to find your phone or your key, you can get them effortlessly at a short reach.

l   It makes you look cool

A messenger bag can give you a cool look with maximum functionality. Many messenger bags are designed to make them fashionable and trendy, so you can use them to mix and match with your clothes to look more stylish.

l   It’s easy to maneuver

You can put on and take off a messenger bag easily with its one strap. Also, you can change the position of it from front carry to back carry quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Messenger Bags

Q: How to choose the best messenger bag?

There are many criteria to rely on when picking the best bag for yourself: - First, you should consider your own needs. There are scores of common uses of messenger bags such as camping bags, school bags, work bags, laptop bags, etc. Depending on what you are using it for, choose the best one for you. For example, if you solely use the bag for hanging out with friends or traveling, you ought to look for medium-size and nice-looking bags with good security.

- Second, take the organization of the bag into consideration. Each messenger bag has a different structure with various pockets. If you are looking for a bag that helps you to carry a laptop easily, buy a bag with a built-in laptop compartment. If you use a bag with the aim of containing folders or paper, look for a bag designated slots for storage of those things.

- Next, think of the color compatibility. Make sure the color of your bag goes well with the colors of your clothes. Having a perfect matching outfit would make you look professional and stylish.

- Then consider its durability. Read carefully its material and make certain that it won’t get wear and tear soon. Leather is a durable material that can give your bag a long-lasting performance, but it can be costly. It may not be appropriate for those who live on a tight budget. Instead, you can opt for faux leather or high-quality canvas which is reasonably-priced.

- Last, ensure that you feel comfortable and satisfied with your choice. Ask yourself whether it is your favorite color or your favorite style. For instance, youngsters tend to prefer flashy colors while the older generation is likely to stick to sober colors. The bag is the most personal to you, so choose one following your personal aesthetic and character.

Q: How to carry a messenger bag?

There are many ways for you to wear a messenger bag. With an adjustable strap, you can adjust it to fit your body. First, you can carry it on one shoulder. This way can help you not only to take off the bag quickly when arriving at your destination but also access the items inside easily. However, if you carry heavy items such as a laptop, this way can put more strain on one side of the body and affect your bone. Another way which is also the most common way is wearing it across your body. You can position the bag in front of you for easy access or around your hips for a traditional look. This way can make your hands free for doing another thing. It also distributes the weight more properly and will not cause pain to your shoulder. Nevertheless, it is harder to get on and off then the first way.

Q: What is the purpose of the carabiner?

With the carabiner, you can lock your bag down to a chair and deter grab-and-dash thieves. When you are in crowded or public places like in a food stall, you don’t need to hold your bag in your hands every time. It can make you feel more convenient and safe.

Q: How to care for leather messenger bags?

- Leather is a luxurious and pricey material, so equipping yourself with useful tips to take care of your leather messenger bag is very important. If you do in the right way, you can keep their shape for years. The leather itself has pores just like our skin does. The leather that we use on our bags is an oil-tanned leather, so it doesn’t need treatment as often as some of the other leathers do.

- When mentioning the treatments of leather bags, there are a few rules of thumb that you can rely on. First, do not use a lot of chemicals or refined oil when treating your bags. Because as they go into the leather, they will soften it and break down the fibers and your bag won’t last as long. Second, remember to remove dirt by wiping down with a cleaner made specifically for the leather. Third, leather is never completely water-proof so make sure you keep it safe from bad weather because rain can permeate through the bag and damage your material. If your bag gets wet, do not use the hairdryer, use a thick microfiber hand towel instead to absorb the water. Last, remember to put your beauty products in a pouch, cap all pens and anything that leaks and protect small stuff from spilling and damaging the fabric.

Q: Should I use a washing machine to wash messenger bags?

It may depend on the material of your bag. But for the most part, it is highly recommended that you would be better off just spot cleaning it with a damp rag. As for leather treatments, follow the rules above.

Q: How to keep Velcro sticky?

- If you want to keep the Velcro on your bag sticky, first you have to make it clean by removing any dust, pet hair, etc. Remember to keep the Velcro fastened when you don’t use the bag. In addition, if possible, you can spray the Velcro with an antistatic spray, which could reduce the dust attaching to your Velcro.

- In case your Velcro is worn-out, check whether the look side or the hook side is the issue. If it is the hook side, maybe it is full of dirt or debris. You can use a comb, tweezers, or toothbrush to remove them. If the matter stems from the loop size, it’s time for us to buy a new one.


Even though the shape and design of the messenger bag have undergone dramatic changes for many years, the original ideas remain the same. You should consider buying a messenger bag, especially if you have to travel a lot. It’s a useful, versatile and comfortable bag that is worth a try.

Among the afore-mentioned list of messenger bags, in my opinion, the best one is Unisex Casual Canvas Satchel Messenger Bag. It is suitable for everyone at a reasonable price. It is made of water-proof and scratch-resistant material. This messenger bag is lightweight, comfortable, highly functional and offers great organizational features. For me, the bag has everything I need. It’s my subjective opinion, what about you? As mentioned, the best messenger bag varies widely and depends on each individual.

The bags in this review fulfill the needs of modern commuters, balancing its function and appearance. We hope this review can help you find out the most suitable bag for yourself. Do you feel satisfied with any bags above? Purchase it now.

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