Best Hiking Pants in 2020

Best Hiking Pants in 2020: Comfortable Pants at an Affordable Price

Hiking is a great adventure that comes with countless benefits. Apart from being the powerful cardio workout, you will get to appreciate the fresh air, nice views and smells and sound of nature. It also has a positive effect on dealing with stress and anxiety symptoms. Therefore, you should ensure that nothing prevents you from enjoying this life-changing experience that is worth every holiday. For the exceptional hiking journey, you need to get appropriate gear, including the mountaineering pants. Your legs are essential as it is part of the body that will most likely determine how fast you get to the top.

Any leg discomfort as a result of scratches, sweat, and wetness can negatively affect you. So you should spend time to look for the best hiking pants for a better outcome. It might seem easy as just going to the shop and ordering one.  But, sincerely, you need to consider its versatility, breathability, ability to dry fast, warm, and the fitting. This can take time before you get pants that perfectly match your needs. Do not worry as we have compiled everything you need for a top-rated hiking pant. READ on and pick one that suits your needs and style.

Best Budget Hiking Pant


  • Made of Polyester & spandex
  • Soft fleece lining
  • Water-repellent coating
  • Wind-proof
  • Multi-pockets
  • Articulated knees
  • Side elastic waist
  • Metal closure
Editor Choice 


  • Lightweight
  • Straight leg design
  • 50+ UPF rating
  • Moisture-wicking
  • One zippered pocket
  • Side-pockets with hooks
  • Efficient meshed pocket bags

Benefits of Hiking Pants

You might be tempted to pick any pair of rain pants, tights, shorts or cargo pants when going out for a hiking expedition. However, they cannot match the trekking pants since it is not about getting covered but buying a functional and comfortable gear. Here are the benefits of the top rated best hiking pants:

  • Protection

Trekking pants does not just offer excellent breathability, warmth while still being able to dry fast in case of rain. There is added protection that you get when out on sunny days along and beyond the known paths. The trekking pants protect you against UV –rays, mosquitos, ticks, and poison ivy. Your leg skin and the knees are also protected against any scratches in case you are hiking in places where there are rocks or bushy.

  • Warmth

Trekking pants will get you covered when walking in cold temperatures to prevent any health issues that may arise due to exposure to snowfall and frigid winds. Additional warmth comes as a result of fleece lining and wind-resistant pants. You can also opt for 3-seasoned trekking pants and only pair it with a moisture-wicking base layer underneath the pants for extra insulation.

  • Versatility

Trekking pants can be worn every day in different climate conditions. This is due to their exceptional features such as vents, mesh-pockets, zippers, and roll-up taps. The pockets allow you to keep your items safe while the pants remain lightweight and fit well.

  • Durability

Trekking pants are abrasion-resistant and thick, and this provides long-lasting services. It can be worn in bushwhacking and tough terrains without wearing or tearing like the other ordinary denim. For added durability, some trekking pants have padding in the batt or reinforced knees that also give extra protection.

  • Range of motions

Trekking pants are made with flexible fabric that ensures they are not as restrictive as much as possible. Spandex, for instance, is stretchable, and therefore with such, you can move flexibility through the trails. Check that the material used is elastic so that you can easily climb the mountains, move and bend.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Best Hiking Pants – Buyer’s Guide

Everyone has a different body type that demands specific trekking pants. The needs of hikers also vary, and therefore, there is a need to understand the features of a particular pant in detail before making a choice. Below we discuss some of the features that should be looked at before making a decision that suits your needs and style.

  • Material

The trekking pants are made using spandex, nylon, and polyester materials that make it durable yet lightweight. These materials dry fast and are breathable to ensure you stay comfortable all day long. A mixture of spandex and nylon are commonly used as they are more durable and can resist abrasion compared to the polyester. Getting trekking pants made of these quality materials ensures you are protected even in cold and wet conditions.

Since hiking cannot be done only in the cold season but also in sunny weather, the pants have 50+ UPF ratings.  The materials used, therefore, protect your legs against harmful UV rays, and since they have moisture-wicking features, you are sure of dealing with the sweats comfortably. They are also water-resistant because Of Durable Water Treatment (DWR) though it is not 100% water-proof.

  • Warmth and Breathability

Trekking pants are designed differently to suits various individual needs. Thickness varies with thinner ones meant for those who prefer hiking in summer and tropical, arid climates. The pants have vent and mesh pockets to help keep you cool and dry. The mesh-lined or zippered panels also give added breathability.

There are also thicker pants that are designed for people who love hiking during winter, fall, or in elevated areas. They have extra insulation for warmth, thus preventing hypothermia. Thicker ones are more durable, but they may not have excellent breath-ability. Go for thinner ones if you are looking for the best moisture-wicking pants that can be worn in the summer season. However, for a more versatile option, there are 3-season trekking pants that only require base layers in a cold environment.

  • Comfort 

The comfortable style for you all depends on your preference. Some trekking pants are having a relaxed style, while others are form-fitted. Each one of them has the benefits that can make a great option. The comfortable pants provide sufficient legroom and prevent chafing or rubbing which can bring discomfort. If you prefer loose-fitting, ensure that it is not too buggy as they usually stretch naturally, and hiking might cause one to lose weight. On the other hand, fitted pants go with body shape making it almost impossible to catch objects and rip off.  Adjusting side straps, drawstring, and integrated belts are some of the great features that enhance pants fitting.

  • Color

In most cases, the color of the denim depends on individual preference. But, when it comes to those for hiking, the color chosen plays a significant role. Hotter climates demand lighter colors such as tan or beige as they reflect sunlight, which keeps you fresh as you go through the trail. Conversely, cold weather calls for darker colors such as brown, navy or black since they absorb heat, keeping you warm even in weaker sunlight. Darker colors can also dry faster, therefore suitable for wet terrain.

  • Water Resistance 

Most of the mountaineering pants are not water-proof rather water-resistance.  This implies that when exposed to water for an extended period, they can soak up. However, manufacturers improve the ability to resist the liquid by adding an extra layer of Durable Water Repellent agent (DWR). This treatment makes it difficult for water to penetrate inside the pants unless in heavy rains. This agent might fade over time and therefore calls for pant replacement or ‘re-waterproofing’ them.

  • Additional Features

There are other additional features that enhance the functionality of hiking denim. These features are discussed below so you can check which one you will like your pants to have.

  1. Pockets most of the hiking denim has pockets though the number will vary. The pockets provide storage space for essential items such as gadgets, maps, and any other device that should be easily accessible. Check that the pockets are zippered to prevents any chance of losing the kept things.
  2. Gusset Crotch - Gussets at the crotch provide an additional patch of fabric that ensures it does not tear easily. It also ensures that the denim serves you for a long time and gives you confidence as you take long strikes while hiking.
  3. Articulated knees - some pants feature excess fabric in the back and front of the knees. This articulation improves flexibility when climbing the mountains and provides cushioning that protects the knee in case of a fall.
  4. Elastic waistband - having a pressing waistband is stressing, especially when stooping or bending. The one which is elastic is, therefore, a plus as they hold the pants safely in place while ensuring you can stoop and band comfortably.
  5. The a​​​​dditional fabric along thighs - mountaineering pants with extra fabric along legs prevent chafing/rubbing for those who are vulnerable. This is because they enhance breath-ability while giving enough room between the thighs.

Detailed Reviews of Best Hiking Pants

1. prAna - Women's Halle Roll-up Stretch Pants for Hiking

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Stretch Zion for women is a cross-functional pant that can be used in every condition while staying comfortable and well-protected. The neutral colors make it suitable for pairing with any jacket, shoe, and top for a stylish hiking experience. The nylon and spandex materials used are durable, and the DWR treatment makes it water-repellent. Additionally, it can dry faster and protects you against harmful UV rays with a 50+ UPF rating. At the upper right leg, hidden zippered pockets that can keep your valuables safely. The pant also has a relaxed fit and can be rolled up to suit different weather conditions. Buy one, play long, live fully, and travel well.

Key Features

  • Relaxed fit with a roll-up leg for hiking and everyday use
  • Articulate knees for flexibility and added protection
  • Hidden zippered pockets to keep valuables safe
  • Quick-drying, water-resistant and 50+ UPF rated fabric
  • Abrasion-resistant nylon and spandex material for hiking and other outdoor activities
  • Spandex fabric make it 4-way stretch for a comfortable and flexible fit


  • Brand: prAna
  • Model: W4HARG113-DKKH-10/Reg
  • Fit: Relaxed
  • Type: Roll-Up
  • Material: 97% nylon & 3% spandex

2. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Cargo Pants

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Columbia is a reputable company known to produce quality sports gear, and Silver Ridge cargo pants will not disappoint. Featuring nylon and polyester material, you will be well protected against UV rays, cold wind, and water. The Omni-wick technology also ensures you stay cool and dry all day long as it wicks away the moisture. Designed with a classic fit while ensuring it is lightweight, the pants can be used for hiking comfortably without feeling any burden. Your valuables can be kept safely in zippered security pockets while other items can be put inside pockets that are within arms reach. With the Silver Ridge Cargo pants, you can move flexibly due to adjustable waistband, and the partial elastic waist ensures the denim fit just right.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Classic fir for ultimate comfort
  • Omni-shade 50+ UPF rating for protection against UV rays
  • Omni-wick technology to keep you cool and dry
  • One zippered security pocket that keeps valuables safe


  • Brand: Columbia
  • Type: Standard
  • Material: Nylon & Polyester

3. FREE SOLDIER Men's Fleece Lined Outdoor Cargo Hiking Pants

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FREE SOLDIER is the best hiking pants that can be used in the cold season. Thee fleece lining is anti-static and wicks away moisture to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable all day long. It is also made of spandex materials that stretch to make sure the pants fit well. The outer shell is coated with water repellent products to ensure you are well protected in snow, rain and the wind. Additional protection is also assured through articulated knees, which further provide maximum flexibility. Other features that enhance its functionality include metal closures, 3D tailoring, side elastic waist and Duraflex D-rings. With FREE SOLDIER, you are assured of breathable, warm, and comfortable hiking pants.

Key Features

  • Fleece lining for warmth, moisture-wicking with no pilling
  • Made of 6% spandex that makes it stretchable for comfortable fitting
  • Water repellent coating that keeps you dry in rainy or on snow
  • Multi-pockets that keep valuables safe within reach
  • Articulated knees for flexibility and additional protection
  • Side elastic waist for maximum and comfortable fit
  • Metal closure which prevents any accidental opening


  • Material: 94% polyester & 6% spandex
  • Type: Standard

4. Little Donkey Andy Women's Stretch Convertible Pants

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This is a great pant that will make trailing easier and comfortable. The stretchable fabric and quick-drying feature make the pant suitable for hiking and other outdoor activities. No worry about extreme sunlight since the fabric used is 50+ UPF that protects you against the harmful UV rays. The multi-pockets provide enough and secure place for keeping valuables. The amazing thing about this pant is the zippered knees that allow you to convert it to short for both cold and warm day use. Buy one and revolutionize the hiking experience anywhere anytime.

Key Features

  • Made of durable polyester and spandex
  • 4-way-stretch for a comfortable fit
  • Lightweight, quick-drying and moisture-wicking fabric
  • Zip-off knee zip to easily convert to shorts
  • 50+ UPF rating for protection against UV rays
  • Multiple pockets for safekeeping of valuables
  • Elastic waist for a comfortable fit


  • Brand: Little Donkey Andy
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Material: 90% Polyester & 10% Spandex

5. Rdruko Women's Outdoor Lightweight Quick-Dry Sportswear

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Whether you are planning a hike or any indoor or outdoor, the Rdruko quick-dry pants are the ideal choice. It is made of spandex that stretches for a comfortable fit, and this is enhanced by the elastic waist. The fabric used is durable and quick-drying, leaving you cool and dry all day long. You can also store your valuables safely in the two zippered pockets that are within arms reach. Buy one and move flexibly when engaging in any outdoor activity.

Key Features

  • Made of durable nylon and spandex materials
  • Elastic waist with button fly closure for a comfortable fit
  • Lightweight and durable for long-lasting services
  • Two zippered pockets that keep valuables safe within reach
  • Sun-protective and water-resistant fabric


  • Brand: Rdruko
  • Material: 92% Nylon & 8% Spandex

6. prAna - Men's Stretch Zion Convertible Water-Repellent Pants

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This is a men’s hiking denim that can be used in all weather conditions. The 50+ UPF fabrics shield you against the harmful UV rays with water repellent coating that ensure you stay dry even in rainy weather. You can easily convert the pants into shorts when needed by unzipping the knee zips within a few seconds. The other features that enhance its functionality include; adjustable waistband, multiple pockets, durable fabric, and ventilated inseams. Get one and pair it with any jacket and top for a stylish look as you enjoy the best hiking experience ever.

Key Features

  • A convertible style that is suitable for all weather conditions
  • Water-repellent coating to keep you dry all day long
  • Adjustable waistband for a comfortable fit
  • Ventilated inseams to keep you cool and dry all day long
  • 50+ UPF rating for protection against harmful UV rays
  • Water repellent coating to keep away water in case of rain
  • Abrasion-resistant fabric for durability


  • Brand: prAna
  • Material: 97% Nylon & 3% Spandex
  • Style: Convertible

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Hiking Pants

Q: What are the different types of pants suitable for hiking?

The mountaineering pants come in three different styles, which include standard, roll-up, and convertible. They have various benefits that make them suitable for hiking. Each one is discussed below:


Standard denim is very versatile and can be worn almost anywhere. With sleek appeal and comfort, this type of pants is best for those who are vulnerable to chafing. They are not zippered and are well insulated to provide warmth in cold environments.


The roll-up pants can be changed to Capri-style from full-length and secured in place by elastic band or buttons. If you do not like short but want a cooler option instead of full-length, then roll-up is a suitable option for you. These pants are also useful when moving around the camp as they prevent the chances of getting dirty or frayed. It is an awesome design for those planning to camp after or prior to hiking.


These are the pants that can be converted to shorts by zipping it off and separating them at the knee. The convertible pants are a great choice if you want a versatile design for hot and cold seasons. When frozen, you can wear it fully by in the evening when it is sunny. It can also be zipped off and worn as a short for more fresh air.

Q: How can I re-waterproof the pants?

The DWR treatment will wear out with time even when the pants still look new since most of them are durable. It is, therefore, important to re-waterproof so that it can continue serving better. This is typically done by applying tech wash products such as Nikwax, which is water-repellent and does not pollute the environment. Alternatively, if washing instructions allow, you can heat with a dryer to re-activate DWR treatment for water-resistant pants.

Final Thoughts on the Best Hiking Pants

Undoubtedly, hiking will never be the same again with the ideal pants. The pants are comfortable, breathable, and water-resistant for an excellent hiking experience in any weather condition. They are also available in different colors, and the one you choose majorly depends on your preference. Choose lighter color when hiking on a sunny day but dark one when trailing in the colder season.

Before presenting the best six, we did a lot of research to ensure we reviewed only the one which gives the expected benefits of the best hiking pants highlighted above. In order to pick wisely, check your needs first, and choose one that is ideal and suits your style. With any of the above, you can be sure to trail those unknown and known hiking sites like a pro while staying protected!

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