Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques for Beginners

Fishing is undoubtedly one of the best hobbies all over the world. It increases patience, enhances focusing capacity and helps to get in touch with nature. There are a large variety of fishes that you can go after such as bass, crappies, catfish and many more. Among these, beginners find bass fishing quite complicated and difficult. But we are here with some basic tips that will give you the confidence to catch your first bass.

Before reading this, keep in mind that we have given the following tips assuming that you are a beginner and it includes some very basic instructions that is only relevant to the people who are new to bass fishing. 

As you are a beginner, you should find a spot that is nearby, this could be a river, pond or a lake. Search for such places, contact the local fishing community for suitable spot for bass fishing, you can get in touch with them through social networking sites, email or you can just make a call. Nowadays one of the best way to find fishing spots is to use technology, use Google Earth or map to search for suitable fishing hole.

You can also contact the local Fish and Wildlife Department asking about bass fishing spots nearby, they might suggest you some places that are accessible to all.

2. Get a Basic Fishing Gear Set

Let's admit it, many of the beginners get confused about fishing gears. Many articles and advertisements might suggest you a variety of special gears for bass fishing but if you ask for our advice, we would recommend you to go for the comfortable ones. Once you have seized the basic techniques with the comfortable gears then you can look for advanced ones.

  • Get a medium strength rod within the range of 5 to 8 ft. It is important to select a rod that feels comfortable while casting.
  • Go for a spinning reel, it is easy to cast and great for beginners.
  • When you are choosing fishing line, you will have quite a few options like Monofilament, Fluorocarbon and Braid. I would suggest to go for the monofilament, they are affordable and easy to handle.

3. Look for Covers

Cover and structure are two commonly used terms in the fishing world, but I assume you don’t have any idea about these terms. Covers are basically things That hide a fish, including wood, rock, Grass, stumps and many more. On the other hand structure is the bottom contour of the water body.

Bass loves to hang around the covers so that it can hide itself, so putting lures in the covers can be a beneficial step.

4. Crabkbaits

You may have a lot of options when selecting a lure but I would suggest to use crankbaits. It is easy to use and does not require a lot of practice before using it.

Remember as a beginner, you need things that are easy to manage and cost effective.

5. Learn to Tie Knots Efficiently

Tying knots are one of the most important things in fishing. You don’t want to lose your fish because of a weak knot. Choose your favorite knot and practice it regularly. Our recommendation is to learn to tie the Palomar Knot efficiently. It is safe, easy and equally strong, it also works fine with majority of fishing lines.

Practice tying knots on a regular basis, it can take you a long way in terms of bass fishing

6. Don’t Experiment too Much

As a beginner, it is important for you to be good at the basic bass fishing techniques but if you try too many things you would just be a jack of all trades but master of none. Achieve mastery at a specific technique and gradually you will be able to switch to other techniques and adapt those easily.

7. Impact of Weather

Weather plays an important role in understanding bass behavior, it varies from weather to weather. Most of the new anglers don’t spend time to study the weather.

When the weather is cloudy, bass tends to expose them self more to the feeds, so it is recommended to use contrasting baits during overcast conditions. On the other hand, during sunny days they like to move around the covers as they don’t like sun in their eyes, so it’s recommended to use natural color baits especially when the water is clean.

8. Have Patience

Fishing is a game of patience. You might sit down to the shoreline for hours but still return home with empty hand. In the beginning you might lack in this quality, but gradually you will gain persistency so you should hang in there.

In the beginning you will often fail but the key is to be consistent, over time you will learn and eventually catch your first bass. Remember you will be rewarded if you can keep your patience.

Additional Tips

1. You might need to get a fishing license in order to do fishing. Fishing regulations vary from one place to another. In the US the Department of Fish and Wildlife issues fishing license.

It is quite easy to get a license, you just need to provide required information and pay a small fee. After reviewing your application the department will issue your license, it may take some time, so it is better to visit the authority concerned in person.

2. Keep in mind, there maybe limits on how much fish you are allowed to catch in order to maintain ecological balance, there also can be a minimum measurement of a bass to take away home. Make sure you follow the laws and don’t catch any fish below the minimum size. Violating fishing rules can lead you to pay a fine and in worst cases you might end up in jail.

So before going to fish, make sure you are aware of the fishing rules of the fishing spot.

3. Be careful while casting your lure towards the covers, you might end up losing your lure and as a beginner it can reduce your motivations.

Final Word

Lastly, fishing is a great source of entertainment, don’t get too obsessed with the outcome, try to enjoy the moment and stick to the basics. The key to bass fishing is to be have patience and go for fishing on a regular basis.

All the best for your first bass fishing

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