Arches National Park Canyoneering And Hiking Experience

Arches National Park Canyoneering And Hiking Experience: Travel Information Guide

Are you a nature lover and enjoy going on adventure trips around the world; visiting exotic places, and creating awesome memories with your friends and loved ones? Well, if you’ve not yet experienced canyoneering, you should revise your bucket list.

Arches National Park is one of the most exotic sites in the world. Whether you are a solo traveler or part of a group of kindred souls, a visit to the site will provide the experience of a lifetime. The Arches canyoneering experience is all about Geology, and an opportunity for every travel junkie to push limits while exploring some of the most mind-blowing canyons in the world.

Arches National Park Canyoneering And Hiking Experience

Arches National Park

Splendid Sites

Hiking and canyoneering in Arches is an experience like none other; gigantic rocks, enormous walls (fins), tall pinnacles, and other epic sites. Check out our travel guide for valuable information on the canyoneering adventure.

Camping in Arches

If you plan to camp in the Arches national park, you will have to use the Devils Garden, which is Arches’ only campground. Luckily, the campground remains open all year round, receiving tourists from all over the globe.

The Devils Garden' campground is family-friendly, so you can bring your children to participate in the adventurous experience. The site gives incredible sites of the La Sal Mountains, so if remember to carry sure to take some amazing shots of the Geography and general topology.

Besides, the site is close to several hiking trails, so you won’t have a difficult time moving around.

Backpacking and Hiking

The majority of the arches are visible from the campground as well as the road, but traveling to the arches is the real deal. You can use any of the trails in the park to get to the arches for an up-close view and get the enhanced experience.

The trails will take you through the amazing desert landscapes, past huge rock spires and buttes, and at times even beneath the famous arches. You should, however, note that temperatures in the arches get quite high, so if you visit during summer, take the hikes in the morning hours when the temperatures are cooler. Wear hiking pants so you can move easily through any type of terrain.


Unlike the many other national parks in the USA, Arches doesn’t have too many sites to explore. The park also enforces far more regulations for campers. Since the grounds are generally dry, the site has limited supplies of water. Campers are always advised to carry enough water for the hikes alongside the other essential supplies.

However, on the bright side, the Arches hiking experience is an opportunity for campers to face their fears and test limits. You’ll get to trek the desert landscape and enjoy the feeling of being the first person to step into the seemingly God-forsaken grounds.

The park also lacks designated trails, so the venture will also test your navigation skills, making your experience even more engaging.

Which are the Recommended Hikes in Arches?

1. The Windows Day Hike

Windows Hike is the easiest hike in Arches, covering a 1-mile round trip. The hike is also the most popular, so you can be sure to encounter large crowds in the course of the hike. Therefore, an early morning hike may be more suitable to avoid overcrowding.

The major highlights on the Windows Day Hike include the Turret Arch, the North Window, and the South Window. You can take a counter-clockwise hike around the backside of the North and South Windows to view the features beside each other.

Windows will give you the impression of a large giant face with a large stone fin, which appears like the face’s nose – quite an amazing sight. The view gets the name “The Spectators.”

2. Fiery Furnace Day Hike

The hike is named after red-glowing rocks that create the towering fins. The Fiery Furnace hike is moderate, covering a 2-mile round-trip. The trail takes you through narrow slots shielding you from the high temperatures.

At times, you will climb over piles of rocks and squeeze through tight spaces. The hike provides an amazing experience as you go through the Raven Canyon and finally meet the Skull Arch, a towering double arch.

Other highlights of the fiery furnace include the Balanced Rock, a large boulder, the size of three school buses balanced on a stone pedestal. Quite a sight!

3. Devils Garden Day Hike

The Devils Garden Hike is the longest in Arches, covering 7.2 miles. If you are the adventurous type and looking to explore more of the site, you can opt for the hike. You should, however, be well prepared for the rather strenuous walk.

The trail will take you through over ten arches, starting with the longest arch in the park, Landscape Arch (290 ft.) From the point, the trail takes a clockwise loop, and from there, the hike becomes more of exercise activity. The trail will take you through some pretty sections, so if you are hiking with kids, it’s best to forfeit the hike altogether.


Arches National Park Canyoneering And Hiking Experience

Arches National Park Canyoneering

Although the Arches National Park doesn’t have slot canyons, per se, many of the sandstone walls have narrow spaces that are quite interesting to explore. The park has about 11 canyoneering routes in different sections.

The park’s authorities have, however, put up several regulations to control the traveler’s activities and ensure safety. Be sure to review the park’s regulations, and also understand all the routes before embarking on the trip.


Everyone canyoneering the Arches park is expected to register for a permit. Generally, most of the hikes do not have a daily permit, so you can pick the permit on the day you visit. You can pick the free permit via the park’s online reservation system or from the kiosk at the visitor’s center.

If you plan to take the Fiery Furnace hike, however, you will have to pay for the permit. The charges are $4 per head. The permits are available at the front desk. However, the Fiery Furnace only allows 50 visitors daily, and the permits often sell out during the holiday season.


The Arches National Park is a favorite destination for many travelers and a good reason. The canyoneering experience is unparalleled. If you are yet to make the exciting trip, it is high time you did. You will have an amazing experience that you will leave a mark in your life for a long time.

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